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Sharing Meadows Community

The SHARE Foundation / Sharing Meadows Community

A Community Rooted in Love

Five villages make up the Sharing Meadows residential community. Each village has three houses, with two villagers and one steward per house. The villages are located on 200 acres in rural Indiana, where Villagers are able to spend their free time at the swimming pool, by the lake, or in the woods.

The residents work on the grounds five days a week. When they are not at work, the Villagers are free to relax at home, spend time in town, or whatever they choose. Stewards are always with the Villagers to provide companionship and guidance, and also to help the Villagers meet their personal goals.

This domestic environment is a unique opportunity for the residents to live as independently as possible, while being supported in a family-like surrounding. Villagers take pride in their work and have formed many meaningful relationships with each other and with the stewards.

Villager Application

Interested in being a Villager (resident)? Click here to find out more info!

Steward Application

Interested in being a Steward (live-in care giver)? Click here to find out more info!

Vocational Program

Each day brings new opportunities for our Villagers to grow and learn through intentional work. From honing practical skills to fostering personal development, every task enriches their lives. 

Part of their meaningful work includes crafting handmade treasures and soaps. Our Villagers pour their creativity into handwoven items, exquisite jewelry, and delightful soaps, each crafted with care and passion. Through their artistry, they not only produce beautiful goods but also find fulfillment in their craftsmanship. You can purchase the items here. 

Beyond their daily responsibilities, our Villagers have the chance to grow  individually through extracurricular activities. From competing in Special Olympics bowling, swimming, and basketball to enjoying regular visits to the local YMCA, they thrive in diverse experiences that nurture their talents and passions. These activities not only promote physical well-being but also foster community and a sense of achievement.

Educational Program

Every week, our Villagers  attend a math class led by a dedicated college professor and volunteers. Here, they dive into new mathematical concepts and practical applications, expanding their knowledge and sharpening their skills. Through engaging lessons tailored to their needs, they not only learn math but also gain valuable problem-solving abilities for real-world situations.

Our Villagers participate in our dedicated Literacy Initiative, where they meet regularly with volunteers to enhance their reading skills. Through personalized support and encouragement, they embark on a journey of learning and discovery, unlocking the magic of words and expanding their horizons. 

At Sharing Meadows, we believe in nurturing the diverse interests of our Villagers through our vibrant club offerings. Our current clubs include: Drama Club, Science Club, and Gaming Club.

More to know about us...

We have 200 acres of land halfway between South Bend and Michigan City, adjacent to the Toll Road. The land offers a rural setting with a lake and woods with fruit and nut trees, plants, and small gardens.

We are a community that has three homes per village. Each home consists of the following: kitchen, living room, laundry/utility room, dining room, bedroom with attached bath for steward, two separate bedrooms (one per villager), and a bathroom that villagers share

The SHARE Foundation solely exists to meet the needs of God’s people. We encourage individual personal relationships with God, and to maintain a prayerful home and community environment with meal prayers, work prayers, special prayer services, etc. All residents are respected for their religious preferences and need to be capable of respecting someone else’s and/or the Foundation’s religious preferences.

The residents who live at Sharing Meadows should be able to provide their own hygiene and essential daily living needs with minimal supervision.

There is a waiting list to become a resident of Sharing Meadows, as many people would like the opportunity to become a part of the Sharing Meadows community. Don’t be discouraged however; new applications are constantly being accepted for consideration. Interested people should call the office to request a residential informational packet.

Taking Nothing for Granted

“I get so much satisfaction from all the love these people have to give. The villagers are thrilled at the smallest things and don’t take anything for granted. It is a pleasure to be with them.”

Denise N., Michigan City, IN

30 Years and Counting

“I have been working on the newsletter for 30 years. I keep coming back because I keep loving it. The people there are really wonderful. I feel good the entire day after getting up early and coming out there.”

Alice, S., Michigan City, IN

A Learning Experience

“I get a lot out of volunteering. I try and help them (the villagers) make things look as nice as they do. Coming out to Sharing Meadows is a pleasure and a learning experience. It is a special blessing.”

Andy W., Valparaiso, IN

Personal Growth

“Through my time at camp and through God’s grace, I have grown in so many ways – in maturity, in character, and in understanding to name a few. And I was honored to work among many wonderful and inspiring people, campers and staff alike.”

Ky B., Knoxville, TN

Dream Come True

“SHARE for the Handicapped is a marvelous thing and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to experience it. I thank God for that experience and for Father Blaney realizing his dream come true. Yes, God is so good to us!“

Barbara B.


“Camp Sharing Meadows is the only place that I’ve been where the rule of equality is carried out 100%.”

Natalie M., Thornton, IL

Sharing & Caring

“Such a sharing and caring experience! I loved all the interaction between all age and ability groups.”

Fran L., Michigan City, IN

Love the Love

“I loved the love and joy that was all around! The camp is not only wonderful for the campers but everyone involved.”

Holly G., Omaha, NE

In the Presence of God's Chosen

“I really enjoyed the staff and campers. I feel as if I’m in the presence of God’s chosen ones.“

Jim T., Chesterton, IN

Happy Faces

“I love cooking for the campers and staff and enjoying all the happy sounds and face. Truly rewarding for me.”

Mary Ann B., New Carlisle, IN