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Camp Sharing Meadows

The SHARE Foundation / Camp Sharing Meadows

Where Everyone Belongs.

An inclusive Christian camp for our adult friends with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, where a vibrant blend of community, faith, and creative exploration takes center focus. 

Our camps allow individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to have fun while learning faith-based values, participating in various activities, and making lifelong friendships. 

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To apply to be a Camp Counselor, Nurse, Cook, Assistant Director, or Day Volunteer click here!

Latest Camp News

This spring our regular Spring Minicamp Camps will be temporarily suspended. However, we will be having TWO Spring Camp Days. See below for more info!

Even though we will not be having our traditional Spring Mini Camps, we will still have Camp Sharing Meadows gatherings this Spring! On April 20th and May 11th from 9:30am-2pm CST, we will have our Spring Camp Days at the St. Timothy Center (Camp Building)! The lineup includes: a Value Session, crafts, games, lunch and more! The price for the day is $50. To register click here.

We’re excited to announce that there will SIX weeks of summer camp this year with TWO themes!  Our two themes for this summer are “Back to the Basics” and “Growing in Friendship.” 

Back to the Basics

  • Week #1: June 9-14
  • Week #2: June 16-21
  • Week #3: June 23-28

Growing in Friendship

  • Week #4: June 30- July 5
  • Week #5: July 7-12
  • Week #6: July 14-19
Camp Sharing Meadows

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Camper FAQs

  • Application– A camper application must be completed each year. Once the application is completed for a minicamp or summer camp, it is good for the rest of the calendar year.  
  • Medication Administration Record (MAR) Form– An up-to-date Camp Sharing Meadows MAR must be sent in each camp.  
  • Camp Fee– A camper’s registration is not officially completed & spot reserved until we have the application, MAR & camp fee. For minicamps, the cost is $175 for the weekend. For a week of summer camp, the fee is $450. 
  • Here are typical packing lists for minicamp and summer camp. Depending on the theme the packing list is subject to change.  
  • We encourage campers to unplug for the weekend or week, so phones, ipads, tablets, etc. are asked to be kept at home. 
  • If a camper uses a tablet as his/her way of primary communication with staff and fellow campers, then he/she can bring it with them.  

Since we are a privately funded nonprofit organization, we are not a Medicaid Waiver provider and cannot accept funds allocated for services through the waiver program  

We can offer financial assistance by a case-by-case circumstance. Contact our Camp Director for more info. 

No refunds will be made for a camp session if the camper is dismissed due to health or behavioral situations. Camp Sharing Meadows has the right to send campers home without a refund if medications received during check-in do not match the medication sheet on file.

  • The cost of a minicamp weekend is $175 per camper. This includes 5 meals, snacks, drinks, lodging, and activity supplies. 
  • The cost of a week of summer camp is $450 per camper. This includes 15 meals, snacks, drinks, lodging, and activity supplies. 
  • Each camper stays in a designated female or male dorm room with other campers. Each camper has their own bed, which is part of a bunk bed.  
  • Both female & male campers have their own bathroom & shower rooms.  
  • Minicamp- A minicamp is a weekend camp or retreat. It begins Friday at 7pm CDT and ends on Sunday with a closing ceremony at 2pm CDT. A camper can go to as many minicamps as they wish.  
  • Summer Camp- The summer camp season lasts 6 weeks during the summer. A camper can go up to 2 weeks in the summer (they cannot be back-to-back weeks). Summer camp is a weeklong beginning with registration at 4pm CDT on Sundays and ends with a closing ceremony on Fridays at 1pm CDT.  

We have camp opportunities throughout most of the year. Typically, we have 6 monthly minicamps in the fall (3) & spring (3), and 6 weeks of summer camp. 

We are able to accommodate special dietary needs including gluten, dairy and nut free diets, low sugar diets, vegetarian diets and a variety of other allergies. Great care is taken by our staff regarding our campers with food allergies. We ensure that special meals are prepared separately to avoid cross contact. At Camp Sharing Meadows, we value the communal dining experience and make it a goal for every camper to enjoy the food from our dining hall. Meals are a special time at camp and we do our best to make sure everyone is healthfully nourished. 

At Camp Sharing Meadows, we strive to have a 1 : 3 ratio.  

  • Our camp is located at our St. Timothy Center 6357 N County Road 300 East La Porte, IN 46350
  • The best way to get to camp is to plug in “Sharing Meadows Leprechaun Hunt” into your GPS & this will take you directly to the St. Timothy Center.

Camp Staff FAQs

  • All of the camp staff (counselors, cooks, assistant director, nurse) have the option to be paid in their roles. The amount varies and differs from role and kind of camp (minicamp vs. summer camp).  
  • Staff members can also choose to volunteer their time and talent. 
  • If a counselor is in college and would like internship credit, we can also offer this as a way of compensation. 
  • A camp counselor must be 18 years or older.  
  • First Aid & CPR certified. *  
  • All camp staff and volunteers go through an application process which includes a background check. 
  • *If a counselor does not have training and would like to be trained prior to camp, Camp Sharing Meadows can work with an individual in directing them to the proper resources. 


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