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Volunteer Opportunities

The SHARE Foundation / Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer for the SHARE Foundation

Volunteering at SHARE Foundation can be a very rich and rewarding experience. Just take a look at some of our former volunteers have to say about volunteering with SHARE Foundation

Get Involved!

Fulltime Employment

There are several people currently working full-time for the Share Foundation. Some positions are administrative while the stewards work hands-on with the Villagers. Each employee contributes to the growth and success of the Share Foundation and its programs for other-abled adults.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Education Volunteer

We are seeking volunteers that can sit with a small group of Villagers to work on reading and writing skills one to two times a week. Teaching experience is not necessary. All literacy materials will be prepared for you, including the short step-by-step lessons for teaching the skills our Villagers need to take the next step in their reading and writing journey. 

Camp Counselor

All you need is love, understanding, and patience in working with other abled adults 18 and over. Each counselor is assigned about three campers for the camp period. He or she is responsible for being a friend to his or her campers, simply making sure they are getting involved in the activities, and being aware of the camper’s needs and feelings. Don’t be overwhelmed – camp is a family atmosphere and every counselor helps one another and each counselor has the opportunity to interact with all campers. Room and board for the camp is provided and a small grant is awarded.

Camp Nurse

We are always on the lookout for nurses with previous medical experience. The nurse has two responsibilities: dispensing medications and providing first aid as needed. After nursing duties are fulfilled, the nurse is welcome to join the campers in their activities. The nurse has the unique opportunity to visit with each and every camper during the administration of medicine. The nurse will have meals provided with the rest of the campers. A nurse is essential to the safety and enjoyment of camp!

Camp Cook

No special culinary background is required to be a chef at Sharing Meadows; just a giving heart and a basic knowledge of the kitchen. Only five meals are served at a mini-camp: breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast with an easy lunch on Sunday. Cooks are required to be at camp about 7:00AM to start cooking and they can leave around 7:00PM when the clean up is completed. When they’re not busy in the kitchen, the cooks are welcome to join the campers in their activities or stay longer to participate. Cooking is not a hard job, and seeing the gratitude on the hungry camper’s faces after a great meal makes it all worthwhile.

Newsletter Volunteer

Each month the SHARE Foundation sends out it’s Good News newsletter to over 10,000 homes across the country. This is a massive undertaking, considering each individual newsletter must be addressed with a label before it can be sent out. On the first Monday of each month, volunteers meet in the St. Timothy Center not only to label newsletters, but also to work hand in hand with the villagers, socialize with other volunteers, and enjoy a cup of coffee in a beautiful atmosphere.

Special Event Volunteer

The SHARE Foundation has four major fundraising events every year: the Spring Luncheon, the SHARE Classic Golf Outing, the Leprechaun Hunt, and the Continuing the Dream Gala and Silent Auction. Each of these events would not be possible without volunteers to work the event so that all of our guests can enjoy a special day. For example, volunteers are needed during the Leprechaun Hunt for parking cars, selling crafts, serving food, cleaning the dining room, setting up games for children, serving pop, and so much more.

Friend to the Villagers

The simplest way of being a volunteer at Sharing Meadows is to spend time with the villagers. Several groups have come in the past to build relationships between themselves and the villagers, relationships that are beneficial for both parties. Whether the activity is off-site such as bowling, dinner, or an on-site activity such as swimming or boating, just spending time together helps everyone become a better person.

Relief Steward

Give our stewards a much-needed respite. We’re always on the lookout for warm and loving individuals to assist the stewards in their many activities, help to enrich the lives of the Villagers, and, with a willing heart, grow and experience more from life through Sharing Meadows.

Volunteer Expectations

Interaction with other-abled Villagers and campers

At Camp Sharing Meadows, campers and counselors are side by side during the entire camp experience. Equality is always top priority all around Sharing Meadows. Relationships are formed and bonds are made between campers and counselors that carry into future camps, and result in communication outside camp via phone calls and letter writing. Friendships develop easily among villagers and volunteers who frequently visit Sharing Meadows.

Meeting other volunteers

Each volunteer has a loving and caring spirit that brought him or her to Sharing Meadows. Working with these amazing individuals of all ages is an enriching experience.


Each camp has a theme that challenges campers and counselors to think about God and how He is working in their lives. Sharing personal experiences helps bring people closer to one another at camp and also with the villagers. The villagers have a prayer service each morning and are eager to share how God is working in their lives.

Great food

In addition to our counselor volunteers, several cooks volunteer for each camp session to serve delicious meals at Sharing Meadows. Our cooks have been known to serve excellent turkey dinners, chicken stir-fry, stuffed green peppers, and much more.

Spending time in a peaceful atmosphere

Camp Sharing Meadows is located on 185 acres that is home to several buildings as well as fields, trees, wildlife, a pond with a dock and boats, and even a swimming pool.