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Thank You

Thank You For Your Memorial Donation

 At SHARE Foundation, we are so very grateful for all memorial donations, large and small, but our policy is that thank you letters and acknowledgement cards are not sent for memorials received that are less than $10.00 per name. These will be printed in the Good News newsletter, but no cards or letters will be sent. Due to the increasing cost of paper, postage, and time related to sending cards and letters, it is not good stewardship to spend donations you have entrusted to us to fill mailboxes with mail.

Memorial donations of $10.00 or more per name will continue to be handled with a thank you letter, acknowledgement to the family, and a listing in the newsletter. If you do not require a thank you letter, please mark the envelope so that we can code your account and save the cost of a letter, thus allowing us to use the funds for our programs for other-abled people. Thank you for your understanding!