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Ways to Give

The SHARE Foundation / Ways to Give

SHARE Donations & Giving

Your donation today can help SHARE reach into tomorrow! With your financial contribution, we are able to continue to offer our invaluable programs and services, our camps, further expand out residential community, and grow our educational and vocational offerings. Every dollar provided helps to enrich the lives of SHARE Foundation’s other-abled.

Donations are extremely important to the success of the SHARE Foundation’s programs since we do not receive government funding; rather, we rely solely upon private donations and our own fundraising efforts to support our work. Donations in any amount are accepted in cash, credit card, check, or securities. Gifts made to the foundation are tax-exempt to the extent permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our federal tax ID number is also available upon request.

General Donation

To make a donation to the SHARE Foundation securely online with your credit card or PayPal account, click the Donate button below. Gifts made to the foundation are tax-exempt to the extent permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our federal tax ID number is available upon request

In Memory

A donation can be made to the SHARE Foundation in memory of a loved one. The SHARE Foundation will pay tribute to your loved one by including his or her name in the Good News publication. The Good News is distributed once a month to over 11,000 households around the country. A section of the Good News each month is dedicated to people whose families have chosen to remember them in this way. When donations are made in someone’s memory, a letter of acknowledgement is sent to his or her family recognizing the gift was made, but not including the amount.

Donations can also be made in celebration of a living relative or friend. Your special message will appear in the living memorials sections of the SHARE Foundation’s Good News newsletter. A living memorial is a great way to recognize a holiday, birthday, or anniversary while supporting the SHARE Foundation.

Memorials are a special way to honor the memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion for ourselves, our families, or our friends. At SHARE Foundation, we are so very grateful for all memorial donations, large and small, but our policy is that thank you letters and acknowledgement cards are not sent for memorials received that are less than $10.00 per name. These will be printed in the Good News newsletter, but no cards or letters will be sent. Due to the increasing cost of paper, postage, and time related to sending cards and letters, it is not good stewardship to spend donations you have entrusted to us to fill mailboxes with mail.

Memorial donations of $10.00 or more per name will continue to be handled with a thank you letter, acknowledgement to the family, and a listing in the newsletter. If you do not require a thank you letter, please mark the envelope so that we can code your account and save the cost of a letter, thus allowing us to use the funds for our programs for other-abled people. Thank you for your understanding!

Father Blaney’s Friends Club

FRIENDS CLUB is a special club where friends come together to enjoy the comfort and assurance of friendship while helping other abled adults do the same.

FRIENDS CLUB not only helps other abled adults grow in love and friendship, it also helps all people involved in our organization to form new friendships that last a lifetime while maintaining the old. The development of Sharing Meadows continues because of the tremendous support from our FRIENDS and we hope you become part of this special club.

Membership in the FRIENDS CLUB is just $50. Each month you will receive our newsletter, the GOOD NEWS, and will automatically be entered in a drawing to win one of three $100 gift certificates to your favorite restaurant. You might also be selected as the HIDDEN WINNER for the month – your name hidden somewhere in the newsletter. If you see your name as the hidden winner, call us before the end of the month and we’ll send you $50.

Memorial Garden at Sharing Meadows

Honor your loved ones by placing a brick in the Memorial Garden at Sharing Meadows. The Memorial Garden is a beautiful, peaceful place of remembrance this is seen and enjoyed by the hundreds of people who live at or visit Sharing Meadows each year. The engraved bricks are an enduring reminder of the goodness of the people who are honored and remembered.

Two sizes of bricks are available for engraving:

8” X 8” which can accommodate up to 6 lines with a maximum of 15 characters per line

4” X 8” which can accommodate up to 3 lines with a maximum of 15 characters per line

We ask for a donation of $300 for the small brick and $500 for the large one. You can select the engraving you choose to memorialize your loved one or celebrate a special occasion.

Corporate Underwriting & Sponsorships

The SHARE Foundation also offers businesses unique opportunities to donate through underwriting and corporate sponsorship! We have four major fundraising events each year: the Spring Luncheon, the Share Classic Golf Outing, the Leprechaun Hunt, and the Continuing the Dream Gala.

There are significant operating costs that go along with each of these events. Through underwriting, a business or individual can make a donation to cover a specific expense such as dinner at the golf outing, entertainment at the Leprechaun Hunt, or valet parking at the gala! Some events are conducive to corporate sponsorship of tables, golf holes, and more. By sponsoring a table at the luncheon or gala, for example, your business receives meals for everyone at your table and recognition of your support in the event program.

These and other opportunities are available for businesses to support SHARE Foundation’s fundraising events while gaining positive publicity for themselves.

Planned Giving

As an individual journeys through life the thought of leaving a legacy for their family is an important goal to achieve, so that their presence may continue to live on within future generations. This is known as planned giving, and much like life where you try to plan your long-term goals, much the same is done in trying to address your wishes once you leave this world. Leaving a legacy is one way of donating to a charitable organization, like The SHARE Foundation.

While it is typically the most long-lasting of all contributions, it is one of the most underutilized ways to express your commitment to the other abled. Planned giving, to The Share Foundation, ensures that there will be funding for the care and needs of the other abled for many years to come. Once a gift is made to the Share Foundation it enables our mission to continue to excel within our field of service to the other abled. Your gift will allow the other abled to continue to live as productive members of a loving community. Perhaps with your gift we can even expand our programs to better serve the greater need in the larger community, beyond Camp Sharing Meadows and the Sharing Meadows Residential Community.

The Share Foundation with the Handicapped has established a planned giving program as a special recognition society for those individuals that have made a legacy commitment to our villagers and programs. This Guild was created to recognize those individuals that share the same goals, values and dreams of our organization and desire to insure that we continue in perpetuity. So that we may better inform our supporters of the different opportunities that exist for leaving a legacy, we have created Communico. The word Communico is Latin meaning, “to share,” which we believe is a very fitting name for us to “to share” this important information of legacies with you, our wonderful supporters of our mission. Communico Checklist

There are many different ways to provide a legacy through our planned giving program. For additional information please click on the respective links below to open up a brochure explaining each of these more popular methods of planned giving

If you would like to explore some of your options prior to making an appointment with your tax accountant, lawyer or financial advisor, The SHARE Foundation offers an informational guide which will acquaint you with at least the terminology of various investments. Communico is not meant to replace a conversation with your lawyer or financial investor. It is simply an overview. To request a copy of Communico and any of its specific brochures, or to learn more about our organization, Contact us.

Villager Experience

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the same joys and recreation, from dances to baseball games! Unfortunately, for some of our other-abled friends, they may have never had this experience. That’s why we work so hard to get provide those memories!

Maintenance Endowment

We would be happy to set up an appointment to discuss how you can support the SHARE Foundation’s mission through a Maintenance Endowment.