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Planned Giving

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Planned Giving

As an individual journeys through life the thought of leaving a legacy for their family is an important goal to achieve, so that their presence may continue to live on within future generations. This is known as planned giving, and much like life where you try to plan your long-term goals, much the same is done in trying to address your wishes once you leave this world. Leaving a legacy is one way of donating to a charitable organization, like The SHARE Foundation.

While it is typically the most long-lasting of all contributions, it is one of the most underutilized ways to express your commitment to the other abled. Planned giving, to The Share Foundation, ensures that there will be funding for the care and needs of the other abled for many years to come. Once a gift is made to the Share Foundation it enables our mission to continue to excel within our field of service to the other abled. Your gift will allow the other abled to continue to live as productive members of a loving community. Perhaps with your gift we can even expand our programs to better serve the greater need in the larger community, beyond Camp Sharing Meadows and the Sharing Meadows Residential Community.

The Share Foundation with the Handicapped has established a planned giving program as a special recognition society for those individuals that have made a legacy commitment to our villagers and programs. This Guild was created to recognize those individuals that share the same goals, values and dreams of our organization and desire to insure that we continue in perpetuity. So that we may better inform our supporters of the different opportunities that exist for leaving a legacy, we have created Communico. The word Communico is Latin meaning, “to share,” which we believe is a very fitting name for us to “to share” this important information of legacies with you, our wonderful supporters of our mission. Communico Checklist

There are many different ways to provide a legacy through our planned giving program. For additional information please click on the respective links below to open up a brochure explaining each of these more popular methods of planned giving

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