Alienum phaedrum torquatos nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem.

Good News Feb. 2021 (Volume 47 No. 4)

February for several people is a time to visit Florida! I have done so several years. However, with the spread of COVID-19, it is not practical for me to travel this year.

There are many people who are playing a variety of card games with their neighbors and friends and theyare enjoying their company and taking the situation in the world as a chance to step back and enjoy a bit of a slower pace.

God is a loving Father who wants our happiness. Now is the time to ask God to give you an interesting and enjoyable life. Besides card playing, praying should be a big part of February. There is much to pray for. I hope that you could pray for the people here at Sharing Meadows!

As you purchase items through, please keep in mind the Amazon Smile program. To order, please go to the website and choose Share Foundation, Inc as your nonprofit of choice. By doing so, Sharing Meadows receives a portion of the profit from Amazon. Thank you!

If you need a receipt of your 2020 contributions to Share Foundation as you gather information to file your income taxes, please call the office at (219) 778-2585 and we will be happy to send you one.

Due to COVID-19, we have decided to turn our Spring Luncheon into a Fall Luncheon! Our current date is set for Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at the Halls of St. George in Schererville, IN. Stay tuned for more details regarding the luncheon later this year. Thank you for your support of this event!

Growing up in Bristol, IN in the middle of the woods, I realized from a young age that when there is bad weather in the forecast, you run home to fill your bath tub! If you lose power when you have a septic field and well water, you will not have running water to use the restroom in your house. It was my job during a storm to fill the bath tub. I must admit, there was a time I forgot to fill the tub and let me tell you, I never forgot again!

At Sharing Meadows, we have the same problem when we lose power. Currently, we have generators at our St. Timothy Center (Camp Building), Senior Center, and Office. If our power is out for a significant amount of time, our Villagers can go to the Camp Building to shower, use the restroom, and stay until the power comes back on because we have generator power. However, there are problems with this plan. What happens when the Camp Building generator doesn’t work? This has happened multiple times in the past. What happens when the camp is running at the Camp Building and Villagers do not have anywhere to sleep with running water because the Camp Building is full? What happens when a retreat rental is going on? What happens when we can’t drive to the Camp Building because the weather is bad? Potential problems arise and the list goes on and on when Sharing Meadows does not have power.

We have begun to add generators to each Village! So far, we have purchased one generator and have had two generators donated to us through Current Electric in Michigan City and another generous donor! I have also added two more generators to be purchased in 2021’s budget! This is an exciting time for the Villagers and I am very excited to see their reaction.

The current plan is to have one generator in each village. There is a basement under one house in each village and in those basements are the water softeners, pumps, etc. Our plan is to install the generators at the house with the basement so that, at the very least, the entire village will have running water! As time goes on, we will continue to add generators into our operating budget so that each house has a working generator to supply power to the homes. This way, no matter what the outside weather or situation, our Villagers and Campers will always have running water, unspoiled food in their refrigerators, and heat to stay warm in the winter months.

Our Villagers and Campers deserve the absolute best in life and that is what we are trying to provide for them at Sharing Meadows. Through your generosity you are providing an incredible quality of life to our friends. You are bringing them out of the dark and making their homes even safer! If you would like to donate to the generator project, please write in the memo portion of your donation “Share Generators.” Thank you for your kindness and for your support of our mission. The Villagers and Campers thank you!

Towards the end of this month, you will be asked to renew your membership if Father Blaney’s Friends Club.This annual membership drive supports our work with other-abled individuals, and they invite you to become their friend through the Friends Club.

When this information comes in the mail, please take a few minutes to look it over and consider renewing or beginning a membership. Benefits to being a member include: receiving the monthly “Good News,” having your name entered into a monthly drawing for one of three $100 gift certificates to your favorite restaurant (to enjoy a meal out with a group of friends) or, if you are the hidden winner and notify the office, you will receive a $40.00 check to cover the cost of your membership. Thanks, Friends! HIDDEN WINNER: Linda Moran, Chesterton, IN 46304

God’s blessings come when needed! Last year, the camp program was blessed during the pandemic. On March 15th, I gathered my office supplies in a box to work from home. I recall the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding me to go back into my office and pack up my camper’s photos to take them home. I didn’t understand why at the time, but Jesus knew I’d need a reminder of their presence. I’ve visited the office a few times in the last year. I’m working from home and have been since that day. The camper’s photos are still on my refrigerator. We were unable to hold monthly mini-camps or summer camp in person, but we were able to meet with each other and fellowship in a unique way – virtually!

In March of 2020, we found out about Zoom – a now widely known method of virtual video conference calling. We started off with a monthly Zoom call where we held our value sessions. When the campers asked to meet more often that spring we met a few times for activities like virtual bingo nights, talent shows, hikes, and museum visits. In May, the campers asked to meet once a week for Value Sessions or Bible studies. I’ll never forget why they asked… They simply said, “We want to focus on God and His love for us when the world feels upside down.” I needed a reminder of God’s love, too. How could we continue the camp program into the summer with no staff? God sent 4 counselors to us from Notre Dame University through the Center for Social Concerns Virtual Summer Service Corps. Thanks to this program, we received staff funded by Notre Dame to work for us. Thanks to counselors “Gumbo”, “Isabella”, “ZigZag”, and “Hayley”, we were able to host a free daily virtual summer camp for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks, we traveled around the virtual world, made cookies together, wrote stories, crafted, and learned new sports together. For the rest of the year, we held weekly Bible studies and met throughout the week on Zoom calls. I was blessed to see a few campers in person during socially distant visits!

In January of 2021, Notre Dame University sent us 2 more counselors for a free daily virtual winter camp. Thanks to “Z” and “Lu” our numbers have grown to 10 campers each Zoom call! Notre Dame noticed the success of our camp program and invited me to speak at the Center for Social Concern’s Bi-annual Catholic Social Tradition Conference on a panel titled “Hearing the Gospel and Spreading the Good News” on Friday, March 26, 2021 from 4-5:15 pm ET via Zoom. I’ll be sharing the story of what brought me to Camp Sharing Meadows, how the Gospels infuse our work, and what difference it makes in campers’ lives. If you’d like to attend, there will be free open registration and information will be updated on this website link: We would love for others to attend and participate in the discussions following the panels!

God has blessed us in 2020, and we can see His hand on our campers’ lives during 2021! For the future, we plan on having free weekly virtual Bible studies and a monthly Saturday virtual mini-camp for a small fee. If you would like to join us or know someone who’d benefit from our camp program, please contact me at [email protected]. Because of people like you, we can continue our camp program! Let’s make sure we continue to grow.

A very special thank you to Integrity Trade Services for their generous donation to be named as a “ Food and Essential Goods Sponsorship.” With their gift, all thirty of our Villagers’ were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one whole month! God bless them and God bless all of our donors!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have decided to cancel our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. We hope to celebrate this day with you next year!

A Prayer to Combat the Coronavirus

Most Merciful and Triune God,
We come to You in our weakness.
We come to You in our fear.
We come to You with trust.
For You alone are our hope.
We place before You the disease present in
our world.
We turn to You in our time of need.
Bring wisdom to doctors.
Give understanding to scientists.
Endow caregivers with compassion and
Bring healing to those who are ill.
Protect those who are most at risk.
Give comfort to those who have lost a
loved one.
Welcome those who have died into Your
Eternal Home.
Stabilize our communities.
Unite us in our compassion.
Remove all fear from our hearts.
Fill us with confidence in Your care.
(mention your particular concerns and
prayers now)
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.

Living Memorials

In honor of Fred & Patricia Beckman, int. Anonymous

Wishing a happy birthday and good health to my dear friend Evelyn Bevis, int. Gerry

In honor of Jim & Theresa Caputo, int. Christine Klebes

Del Gallagher, you are cherished more then you’ll ever know. May God continue to bless you always. We love you a million muches! int. your Family

God’s blessings for Carol Johns, int. Emma & Dean Efantis

In honor of Shirley Ladendorf and the Ladendorf family, int. Mary Ann Holand

In honor of Virginia Lenart, int. David & Karen Lenar

Honoring Michael & Sharon Mannion for their loving generosity to the Share Foundation family. I pray they be blessed with continued good health and happiness in 2021. Love you Mom & Dad! int. Chrisanne Mannion

God’s blessing for a Happy New Year to Sharon & Michael Mannion, int. Tim Mannion

Happy Valentine’s Day to the “Wind beneath my wings”, my husband, my Mike. For 63 years and counting, it’s always been God and family first, then himself. He’s never refused a call for help, would give his last dime for someone in need. Thank you Jesus, Your plan couldn’t have been more perfect. Life is good, God is good. Love you my Mike. Always in my mind, always in my heart. int. your Sharon (Mannion)

A blessed happy New Year to – – firstly, our Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Secondly, to all our Friends and Relatives, near and far, and thirdly to our Special Family at Sharing Meadows. Let us remember “everyday starts a New Year!” Maybe it’s God’s way of a chance to make amends for our mistakes from the day before. So if today you hear His voice, He’s giving you tomorrow to begin a new 365 tomorrows, 365 new years. God is Good. My Lord and my God, we love You, we praise You, we thank You, we trust in You, int. Mike and Sharon Mannion

Happy 92nd birthday for a special Lady & friend Irene Oboy, int. Dominic & JoAnn Noce

Good health & God’s blessings to Becky Pickett, int. Bonnie Muir

God’s blessings for my good friend Carol Presdorf, int. Mary Jane Wischler

God’s blessings for Peter Romaniak, int. Tom & Barb Kozlowski

God’s blessings for the Residents of Sharing Meadows, int. Mary J. Dooley

In honor of Marge Scott, int. Peg Kiernan

Birthday blessings to Grandpa William Shaver Sr. int. Love, Lauren & Logan Dumaresq

In honor of the Spradlin Family, int. Don Spradlin

To honor St. Rita, int. S. Tomaszewski

God’s blessings to Kathy & Rich Theilman, int. Larry & Donna Stradtner

God’s blessings for Mike Urbanik, int. Terry McKenna

In appreciation for healing hugs from Keith Van Sickle, int. Florence B. Strong

In honor of my brother Richard, his wife Dorothy and son Steve, int. Jack Wellman

Deceased Memorials

In memory of Father Damian Adugu, int. Patricia L. Harle

In memory of Ed Ainsley, int. Mary Botnovcan

In loving memory of my most wonderful and very special best friend, Virginia Andrews. She meant so much to me and I will miss her friendship everyday. int. Maryann Buchler

In loving memory of my cousin Virginia Andrews, int. Cindy & Dave Hallow

In loving memory of my niece Virginia Andrews, int. Love Auntie Francie Vanek

In memory of my beloved cousin, Virginia Andrews. Rest in peace. int. Mary Frances Vanek

In loving memory of my beautiful cousin, Virginia Andrews. Thinking of you, int. Sheila Vanek

In memory of Virginia Cieslak Andrews, int. Tom & Susan Adam Connie Beno Bob Bradtke Glenn & Jo Allyn (Meyer) Comstock Tom Doolin Ruth Kerger Sam & Marlin Kirshenbaum Karen & Dan Largent Robert Lauer Dan & Judy Murphy Mary Plesha BNI Classmate Howard & Marge Richardson Ruth Robertson Robert & Christine Vanek Ellen Meyer Vermejan Karen Walski

With cherished memories of our mom and grandma, Monica Arvay, on her 14th anniversary in heaven, February 20, 2007, int. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

In memory of John & Leanore Balousek, int. Jack & Kathi Balousek

In memory of Martin Robert Bardoczi, Jr. int. Michael Brandt Sigmund Francis John Markovich Josephine Markovich Maryann Markovich Steve Markovich, Sr. Steve Markovich, Jr. In memory of Nick Barone, int. Eileen & George Germek

In loving memory of Gerry Bazant Christmas and New Year, int. The Bazant Children

Remembering Steve Begala January 7, 2021, and Mary Begala April 10, 2020, int. Jerry Sutko and Daughters

In memory of William Berg, int. Berg Family

In memory of Msgr. Paul Bogovich, int. Paul Bogovich

In loving memory of Kathy Boland who peacefully rests in the arms of the Good Shepard, int. Barb & Mike Kolisz

In loving memory of our mom, Genevieve Bolek who passed away on our Dad’s birthday December 15th . You Both are now celebrating together in heaven, int. Love, Kathy & Jerry

In memory of Joseph Brach, int. John & Jennifer Drutis

In memory of Walter V. Bracich, son though it has been 8 years since you were called home, our beloved son, 10 days after your 46th birthday, it still seems like yesterday that we said good— bye. May the Angels lead you to paradise. int. We love and miss you Guy. Mom & Dad

In loving memory of George Brezene, int. Jack & Judy Gascko

In memory of my friend George Brezene, int. Rose Gacsko

In memory of George Brezene, int. Leo & Carolyn Rathert

In memory of Donald Brown, int. Julianne Collins

In loving memory of my two deceased husbands, Ted Buchler and Earl Margraf. I could not have been any more blessed, as they both were very wonderful, loving and caring individuals. I’m forever grateful. int. Maryann

In memory of my dear sister-in-law Marian Bugajski, int. Mike Domasica

In memory of our sweet aunt Marian Bugajski, int. Rick & Judy Huff

In memory of Dorothy Bundy, int. Ed Bundy

In loving memory of my Beloved Wife Janette Bundy, int. Ed Bundy

In loving memory of LuAnn Klein Burns, int. Ray and Anita Kozlowski

In memory of Luann Burns, int. Katherine Gaskey

In loving memory of my colleague and friend Joe Burvan, int. Anita Kozlowski

In memory of Everette Cales, int. Greg & Aggie Grimmer

In memory of Roger Casey. Remembering you on your 91st birthday 2/27, your second in heaven. We love you. We miss you. Rest in peace, int. Stephanie and family

In memory of John Chandler, int. Mr. James Bohlen In memory of John Cannon, int. Karen Galinowski

In memory of Margaret Chidester, int. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fetchik Chuck Pennington Elaine Ruschak Diana Walter

Lovingly remembering Jean Chiki, int. Paul Chiki

In remembrance of Louis Chiki, int. Paul Chiki

In memory of Vivian and Anthony Chlebek, Elena & Chris Chlebek

Thinking of my dear and wonderful Valentine Bob Cirrincione and his heart of gold.

Remembering my mom Katherine, on the 25th anniversary of her passing. Loving and missing both of you, so much. int. Angie

In memory of Robert Eldon Coburn, int. John & Mary Hampel

In memory of Deacon Joe Codespoti. Int. Theresa Codespoti

In loving memory of my cousin Susan Cole, int. Denise Nowfel

In memory of Nancy Coleman, int. John & Adrienne Grabovac Roberta & Richard Kaminsky Ray & Karen Kurcinka Theresa Davies & Barbara Seketa Dolly Tuskan

In memory of Dr. Al Costello, int. Katie Costello

In memory of Theresa Cox, int. George & Eileen Germek

Lovingly remembering Robert Croner on Feb. 25th , Happy Birthday Dad! Always thinking of you, int. Love, Mary

In loving memory of Lottie Dan, a life well lived. int. Margie Lippie

In loving memory of Lottie Dan, int. Ray and Anita Kozlowski

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In loving memory of Lottie Dan, int. Lori and Arlene Wohadlo

Remembering all the great holidays we had together with the deceased members of the Danko, Gray and Wohler Families. Thankful and greatful for everyone, int. Margaret Gray

In memory of Jeannie Dauksza, int. Patricia Gill

In memory of Mary Lucille Davis, int. Jerome Davis

In memory of Marlene & Ray De Geneffe, int. Michalik Family

In loving memory of Chet & Doris Demski and Bob Armstrong on Valentine’s Day. You will always be in our hearts, int. With love, Cass, Jim & Stacy

In memory of my dear husbands Henry DeWulf and Rolland Cline, int. Lu Cline DeWulf

In loving memory of our mother Virginia DiCento on her birthday. Happy birthday Mom. (Feb. 7) int. All our love, Daughters Linda and Lorene

In loving memory of my wife Therese Domasica, int. Mike Domasica

In loving memory of my dear husband, Edward M. Dosen. You are gone for twenty years, but not forgotten. We love you, and miss you always. In our prayers and memories. int. Gloria Dosen (wife), Susan & Don (daughter & son-inlaw), Michael (son), John, Rina, Amanda (grandchildren)

In memory of John “Jack” Doyle, int. Jeanne O’Toole

In memory of Roberta Edgington, int. John Edgington & Shelly Kooi

In memory of Philip Faroh, Sr. Uncle Phil was a kind hearted, generous individual, who always took care of everyone around him. He truly embodied the wholeness of the word family and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. int. Dan & Katie (Shikany) Walsh

In loving memory of my cousin, Nancy Fernandez, int. Kathy & Curt Cannon

In memory of Nancy Fernandez. Nancy, peace be with you, int. Joseph & Julie Koegel

In memory of Nancy Fernandez, int. Pat Hebda

In memory of Thurman Ferree, for Christmas and the Holiday seasons, int. Carol Ferree

In memory of Larry Fiatek, int. Norm & Isabel Richard

In loving memory of Jim Fife on the anniversary of his death, int. Freddie

In memory of Dorothy Finske for her February birthday, int. Karen Galinowski

In memory of Ellen Firme, int. Kathi (Lisak) Pridemore

In memory of Herb Fischer, int. Nate, Stacey, Oliver, Sam, Max, Jon, Ann & George

In memory of Brian Fitzpatrick, int. Barrett, Jeanne & Maggie Long May the Good Lord keep Brian T. Fitzpatrick in the palm of His hand. int. Ed & Joan Beatty

In memory of the gentle soul of Brian Fitzpatrick who always had a smile for us. int. John & Kathleen York

In loving memory of Brian Fitzpatrick, int. James & Patricia Fitzpatrick

In memory of Brian Fitzpatrick, int. The Moore Family; Carol, Karen, Janet, Bryan & Roger

In memory of Brian Fitzpatrick, int. Tom & Sue Adam Guy & Jacqueline Ausmus Linda Burosh Dale & Lynn Clapp Jack, Mary, Andy & Eileen Curosh Paul & Mary Jo Curosh Mary Daly Mary Doody Robert Doody Betty Eaton Linda Gajewski Bridie Hughes Sharon (Sherry) Jossund Catherine A. Kutcka

In memory of the deceased members of the Kowalski & Beaver families, int. Christine & Larry Beaver

United in love, we celebrate your birthday into eternal life, dad Ben Kozlowski 1/9/99. int. Mary Rose, Tom, Monica and Gloria Jean

Because you fell in love and married on 1/13/45 Helen & Ben Kozlowski. We came to be our love and prayers, int. Your 4

In repose of the soul of David Kozlowski, int. Loretta Kujawa

In loving memory of Mom and Dad, Edna and Edwin Kozlowski, int. Ray and Anita

Happy 92nd birthday to my husband in heaven John B. Krajewski, int. wife Valerie

Remembering Anthony & Julia Kreczmer for the Christmas Season, int. Eileen Cvitkovich

In memory of Richard Kristoff, int. Arthur & Marilyn Branco

In memory of Ronald & Janet Krok, int. Don Mueller

Memories of you mom, Jean Krol, sustain us as you celebrate 17 years in your heavenly home on Feb. 10th . Loving and missing you always and all ways. int. The Kids

In loving memories of all the years we shared together, Jean Krupa, int. Flo Pietrzak

In memory of Jean Krupa and for those great memories at Krupa’s in E.C., int. The Sullivans & Dywan’s

In memory of Jean Krupa, int. Mr. & Mrs. John DeMory Mike & Emogene Grant Mr. & Mrs. Ed Grubba Mrs. Betty Jackowski Mr. Ron Jackowski Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kintner Ms. Diane Kiser Ms. Nancy Kolar Tony & Cheryl Krupa Eunice Michalski Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nelson Eileen Schweitzer Mr. & Mrs. Jim Truby Mr. & Mrs. Corky Tuskan Dolly Tuskan Anthony Velligan Mrs. Fran Vercimak

In memory of Grace Kusbel, int. John & Becky Coleman

In loving memory of my wife Carol Muldoon Lambros, the sunshine of my life, int. husband Bill

In loving memory of my beautiful granddaughter Molley Renee Lanham, int. Grandma Leilanai

In loving memory of Bill & Charlene LaVelle, int. Dave & Pam Walker

In memory of my parents Mike & Margaret Lazor, int. Lucy Lazor & Jim Sikora

In memory of Timothy C. Leary, int. Catherine Bologna

In memory of Jane Ann Leas, int. Richard & Kristine Walla

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In memory of Mr. Joseph Lebryk. int. On behalf of the Hammond Optimist Club

In memory of Joseph Lebryk, int. Dan & Judy Murphy

In memory of Richard Lenart, int. David & Karen Lenart

In memory of Frank & Evelyn Lisak Family, int. Love & Hugs Kathi (Lisak) Pridemore

In memory of William Lockhart, int. Elaine Bradach

In memory of Diane Stamus Logan, int. Anthony N. Logan

In memory of my husband Joseph Lynn, on his 15th anniversary in heaven (Feb. 27). int. wife Pat, Heather and family

In memory of all the deceased relatives and friends, int. Pat Lynn

In memory of Vicki Lukawski, int. Tom & Mary Ann Magurany

In memory of Helen Maginot, int. Marilyn Pajor

With cherished memories of Melanie Mailander, I am blessed to have them. Forever in our hearts, int. Aunt Denise

In memory of deceased members of Mantel Family, int. Mr. & Mrs. K. W. Mantel

In memory of Robert Mantel, int. Betty Mantel

In memory of Robert J. Mantel, int. Sandy & Arlen Mohler

In loving memory of Rose K. Manich, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

Remembering my husband, Ed Martell, on Valentine’s Day and always!, int. Mary Ann

In memory of Barbara J. Martin, int. Emmie & TerryAnn Defenser

In loving memory of my husband Bill Mason. Cannot believe that January 19 is your 3rd year in heaven. Bill you are missed so much. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to you for your birthday on February 12. I will certainly miss celebrating what would be our 48th anniversary on March 10. int. sending you all my love and hugs, Mary

In memory for our parents; John & Stefania Matusik, John & Mary Mis, int. Stas & Ann

In memory for our brothers & sisters, int. Stas & Ann

In memory of Mary Lou LareauMaxeiner, int. Janet & Ron Bados

In loving memory of Phyllis McCampbell, int. Love always, daughter Nancy Dunn

Lovingly remembering my beloved wife Phyllis McCampbell, int. Ralph J. McCampbell

In memory of Ken Meier, int. Helen Hughes

In memory of Forrest Mercier, int.

In memory of my sister Melanie Michalak, int. Jim Sikora and Lucy Lazor

In memory for Ed Michniewicz, int. Stas & Ann

In memory of Frank & Tressie Milcarek, int. John Milcarek

In memory of Larry Miller, int. Pat Miller

In memory of my parents Mirko & Kata Mrzljak, int. Frank V. Morzlock

In loving memory of Helen Miscko, 2/15/16. Love & miss you, int. Tom & Suz

In memory of Dan Misirly 2-16-15 and Danny Conn 2-17-15, May they rest in peace, int. LaVonne Misirly

In loving memory of Rachel Miskowski, int. Ray and Anita

In memory of Rachel Miskowski, int. Georgette Hylek Regina Hylek Eleanore & Rich Rycerz Randy & Jen Rycerz Renee & Terry Whelan

In memory of John, Patricia, Mark, & David Molodet. Missing my family so much, int. love, Dawn Flores

In memory of the Moran, the Giannini and the Rovai deceased family members. int. Linda Moran

In loving memory of Toots Moskalick, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

Happy birthday 2/9 to my dear sister Tillie Mrmich. Love you & miss you, int. Micki Richter

In memory of my parents Mirko V. and Kata V. Mrzljak, int. Frank V. Morzlock

In memory of my grandparents Dorothy & Morris Muldoon, int. with love, Carol Walsh

In memory of Don & Kathleen Mueller, int. Don T. Mueller

In memory of Terrence Murphy, int. Brian and Tracy Murphy

In memory of Lucille Murray, int. Agnes & Dimitre Adich & Family Mary Balestra Ed & Joan Beatty Bob & Evelyn Bevis & Family Helen & Bob Feeney Mr. & Mrs. Bill Holzbach Mrs. William Horwath Carol Kozlowski Gene & Nancy Kuklinski Beth Lescak & family Michelle & Todd McKenchnie The Pella Family; Janette, Kathy, Karen, Mark, Don, Joe & Families Joe Rivich & Family Donald Spudic

In memory of Marie Myres, int. Ruth Polito

In memory of George Nadaf, int. Mariam Kobos Joanne & Mary Shikany

In memory of Michael Nadaf, int. George & Marcelle Azar Diane Faroh Barb & Ken Fedder Sandy & Ray Feldmeier Mr. & Mrs. George Hannoun Mariam Kobos David & Lydia Shadad Joanne & Mary Shikany

In memory of Pat Nairn, int. John Boone

In loving memory of Doris Neulieb, int. Sue Tomaszewski

In memory of Robert L. Nichols. Loving and missing you with all our hearts, int. Barb, & your Family

In memory of Robert Nichols, int. Cheryl & David Mikuly

In memory of Dan Novy, int. Michael D. Novy

In loving memory of my dad, Eugene H. Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

In loving memory of my sister, Kathy Lynn Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

In memory of Mark O’Boy (12-15- 2020), int. Irene and Joyce Oboy

In memory of Norman & Marcella O’Donnell forever together and in our minds and hearts. Miss you always, int. Rich & Kathy Thielman

In memory of my brother Ronnie Ostrowski, int. Romaine Ostrowski & Family

In memory of Mrs. Helen Pacholski, int. Dolores Maurer Lorraine C. Vasek


Happy Valentine’s Day Mom, Dad, Bob & Sharon. You Paratore’s are always in my Heart. Love You All and Always, int. Love Leo J. Paratore

In memory of Jeff Paschen, int. Joan & Joe Martin

In memory of Ronnie Pasko. Happy birthday you are always in my prayers son, int. Love, Mom, Michelle, Jill & Family

In memory of Elizabeth & Michael Pastirik, int. Rosemary Mlinarich

In loving memory of Mom and Dad, Josephine and Stephen Pasztor, int. Ray and Anita

In memory of Jo & Steve Pasztor, int. Jim Sikora and Lucy Lazor

In memory of “Gene” Paul Paulson, int. Mr. James Bohlen

In loving memory of Louis & Theresa Paunicka, int. Dolores J. Callahan

In memory of our parents in heaven in gratitude John Pedone and Pat Pedone, int. Sherry Pedone, Rocco Pedone, Barb Pedone and Judy Weinkauff

In memory of Geraldine “Maimie” Pendleton. Happy birthday love and miss you, int. Claudia & David

In memory of Patrick Petrunich, int. Mary Daly

In memory of Kathy Emrick Petyo, int. Renee & Paul Wadas

In loving memory of my husband Daniel “Dan” Pyne, int. Maureen Pyne

In memory of Angeline “Angie” Raczak, int. Tom & Jane Kowal

In loving memory of Anne Radde, int. Ray and Anita Kozlowski

In loving memory of Anne M. Radde, int. George & Mary Ann Adam Pat Batchelder Dorothy Dominik Martin Dominik Susan Dominik Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gauger Richard J. & Barbara Giba John & Adrienne Grabovac William J. & Dorothy M. O’Brien Catherine Pfister Ann Radde

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In memory of Robert Riley, int. Peg Kiernan

In loving memory of Jerry Ramusack, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

In memory of Jeannette and Christine Romischer, int. John A. Romischer

In memory of our loved ones, Ray and Phyllis Rovai and Joyce Kolbas int. The Madsen family

Thinking of and missing our David Rozmanich on Valentine’s Day and every day. Also, remembering his NANA, Katherine Mardjetko, Feb. 6, 1996. Together forever in heaven. int. The Rozmanich Family

In remembrance of Gilbert Rudy, Dad, happy January 16 birthday! int. with love, Ray, Cheryl & LouAnn

In memory of Jo and Gil Rudy. Mom & dad we miss you guys. And Christmas definitely is not the same. int. with love, Ray, Cheryl & LouAnn

In memory of my wonderful parents Richard & Gloria Rudzinski, int. Leslie Price

In memory of my dear Aunt Gloria Rudzinski, int. Susan Ladendorf & Roy Jenkins

In loving memory of my husband Val Ryba, int. Shirley

In memory of Great Aunt Alice Sabo, int. John & Maria Henry

In memory of Alice Sabo, int. Judy Grabarek

In memory of Gene “Sam” Samuelson, int. Bob & Judy Spevak

In loving memory of Alice Marie Salwanchik, int. Ray and Anita Kozlowski

In memory of James & Mary Sapyta, int. Donna & Stanley Gryzch

In memory of Katherine M. Scott, int. Agnes Chervenak

In memory of our grandma, Florence Shaver on her birthday, int. Love, Lauren & Logan Dumaresq

In loving memory of my Mrs. Florence Shaver, int. Wm. Shaver

In memory of Jim Shiel, int. Gloria Shiel

In memory of Grace Shim, a dear mother, grandmother & greatgrandmother, int. Nancy Almason

In memory of Larry Shrader, int. Robert Potrzebowski

In memory of my parents, Chester A. & Mary S. Sikora, int. James A. Sikora & Lucy Lazor

In memory of my brothers Sylvester & Martin Sikora, int. James A. Sikora & Lucy Lazor

In loving memory of Aunt Mary and Uncle Chester Sikora, int. Ray and Anita

In loving memory of my dear mother Annie Simms, May her soul rest in peace, int. Love Freddie

In memory of Wanda Smith, int. Olan & Rose Smith

In memory of our parents Martha and Harvey Spiegel this holiday season. We miss you! int. Love Cindy & Tony

In memory of James Spoerner (Spook), int. Mr. James Bohlen

In memory of my wife Betty, int. Don Spradlin

In memory of my wife Barba Supdic. Miss you! int. Husband Pooky

In memory of Bob & Gerri Sroka, int. David Sroka

In loving memory of Marilyn and Tom Starr, int. Starr Girls and families

In memory of Loretta Stein, int. Alice Grim

In memory of my mother Jeanette Sterbavy, int. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Sterbavy

In memory of Alice Sternberg, blessed with 80 years of friendship, int. Gert Kingston

In memory of Ray Story, int. Dorothy Trojan

In loving memory of Janet “Carol” Struble. int. Best regards, Joe & Jackie Gales

In memory of Carol Struble a very carrying lady, int. Joyce Choncoff

In memory of Carol Struble, int. Geraldine Defoor Kevin & Nancy Keough John & Kathleen York

Remembering Catherine L. (Nastav) Sutko 2/15/1999, int. Husband Jerry Sutko, and Daughters Cynthia, Pamela and Laurene

In memory of Kevin Swarthout. May He rest in eternal peace & let perpetual light shine upon Him. You were “Loved” by so many. May our Lord watch over you! int. Keith, Marcia, & Erin Ulan

In loving memory of Harry & Mary Szafranski, miss you both, int. Dolores Paunicka Callahan

In memory of Uncle Alex Sztukowski, int. Jim Sikora & Lucy Lazor

In loving memory of my husband, Greg Szyndrowski, int. Vivian

Desolyn Thielman. Hi mom! It’s been 20 years since we’ve been able to say that to you. While we still (do and always will) miss you terribly, we’ve taken great comfort in the fact that you and dad are there arms outstretched welcoming souls into the Kingdom. We’re looking forward to those loving outstretched arms welcoming us until when God says its time. Until then we will always love and miss you. int. Rich & Kathy

In memory of Donald & Desolyn Thielman, forever together, eternally missed, always loved, int. Dick & Kathy Thielman

In memory of Jim Thorstad, int. Terry McKenna

In loving memory of my husband Terry Tokarz, int. Sue

In loving memory of Ethel and George Tomaszewski, int. Rich, Sue, and Families

In loving memory of Ken Tomaszewski, int. Rich, Sue, Matt, Beth and Families

In memory of my father James Thorstad, Sr. int. Barbara & Phillip Warwick

In memory of James “Jim” Thorstad, Sr. int. Charlie & Gwyn Cline The Gustafson’s Katy Hamilton The Hawes Family Terry McKenna Carol Niepokoj Millicent Orlich Sue M. & Tracy Oliver Scott & Susan Pearson Frances Petroff Joe & Jackie Quartuch Norm & Isabel Richard Milena Rudman

In loving memory of Todd Topor. A time for every season under Heaven, and now, in Heaven. You will never walk alone Todd. Int. Love, Cousins John & Karen Filter

In memory of Pat & Nick Trgovich, int. Bob, Nick & Lisa Trgovich

In memory of my cousin Pat Truman. You will be missed by all. int. Chuck & Ramona White

In memory of Richard J. Tumidalsky. Love you always! int. wife Gerri

In memory of Antionette Valenti who will celebrate on Feb. 5 twenty three years with our Lord and welcomes her son John to his final resting place, int. Theresa Tucker

In memory of John Valenti, int. Emma & TerryAnn Defenser

In loving memory of Edward S. Vanek, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

In memory of “Uncle Butch” Edward S. Vanek, int. Robert & Christine Vanek

In memory of Ed “Uncle Butch” Vanek, int. Sheila Vanek

In memory of Frank Vasquez, int. Mary Ann Markovich

In memory of Nicholas Venice, int. Esterina Venice

In memory of Robert J. Vician 12/1/2020. int. Patrick & Jacqueline “Jackie” Cronin Roy Vician

In memory of Maggie Waldman, int. Jean M. Collier

In memory of Ruth Wathen, int. Anthony & Cynthia Matlon

In memory of Ellen Mary Gorsich/White, int. Dominic & JoAnn Noce

In memory of Margaret & Gilbert Wieser, int. Gilbert & Eileen Wieser

In memory of George F. Willy 12/23/2020. May he rest in peace, int. Gertrude H. Bunton & Family

In memory of Robert Witek, int. Mark & Deeann Witek

In memory of my mom, Agnes Wojnicz on her birthday (Jan 20) in heaven. int. Daughter Patti

In loving memory of Ruth Wuethrich, int. Sue & Ed Miller

In memory of my beloved husband Rudy Zajac on his birthday 2/7/28, int. Lillian Zajac

Richard Zak. Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy 63 wedding anniversary Feb. 15. We love you, miss you and think of you always. int. wife Jean, sons Rich Jr., Michael, Larry, Tim & Families

In memory of my sweetheart David Zdyb Sr. on his birthday February 27, int. Angie

In memory of my brother and sisterin-law, Edmund and Doris Zemrowski, int. Angie Zdyb and family

In loving memory of my mom & dad, Lois & Al Ziemkowski, int. Mary Jo

In memory of Anita Zucker, int. Mary Daly

Memorials are a special way to honor the memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion for ourselves, our family, or our friends. We are grateful for all memorial donations, large and small, that we receive. We would like to remind you that our policy is that thank you letters and acknowledgment cards are not sent for any memorials received that are less than $10.00 per name. They will be printed in the GOOD NEWS but no cards or letters will be sent. Due to the increasing cost of paper, postage and time to send cards and letters, it is not good stewardship to spend the donations you have entrusted to us to fill mailboxes with mail.

Memorial donations of $10.00 or more per name will continue to be handled with a thank you letter acknowledgment to family and listing in the newsletter. If you do not require a thank you letter, please mark the envelope so that we can code your account and we can save the cost of a letter and use the funds for our programs for other-abled people. Thank you for your understanding!

Just a friendly reminder that all memorials are due by the 15th of each month in order to be printed in the following month’s GOOD NEWS. For example, if you want to have a memorial printed in the March issue, your memorial needs to arrive in our office by February 15th . Share Foundation has a deadline to meet as well with our printer and if we do not have your memorial by the 15th of each month, your memorial will be delayed an additional month. Thank you for your understanding!

Shelia DeBouis Hobart, IN 46342

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Jerry and Nancy Woodward Highland, IN 46322

Winners receive a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
Our friends are the best in the world! CONGRATULATIONS!

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Spring/Fall Luncheon: October 20th Halls of St. George, Schererville

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