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Good News Jan. 2021 (Volume 47 No. 3)

The Share Foundation Newsletter January
This is the start of a new year! Hopefully, it will be a year full of hope and love! We need to experience in our lives much to hope for and opportunities to love the people around us. Our lives are greatly increased to fuller meaning if we try loving our neighbors and having more hope. These two aspects of life make our lives more livable!
When we offer love to our neighbors, our lives are enlarged and enabled. And the same with hope, we can imagine what life might be like once this pandemic is over. Please know I miss seeing all of you and cannot wait to be back with you again! God bless us all!

As you continue to shop online and purchase items through Amazon, please do not forget to use the Amazon Smile program (found at When you choose Share Foundation with the Handicapped, Inc. as your nonprofit of choice and purchase items, our organization receives a portion of the profit from Amazon. Thank you!

As you gather information to file your income taxes, if you need a receipt of your 2020 contributions to Share Foundation, please call the office at (219) 778-2585 and we will be happy to send one to you.

Next month renewal notices will be mailed for your continued membership in Father Blaney’s Friends Club. This annual membership drive supports our work with other abled individuals, and they invite you to become their friend through the Friends Club.
When this information comes in the mail, please take a few minutes to look it over and consider renewing or beginning a membership. In addition to receiving the monthly “Good News,” your name will be entered into a monthly drawing for one of three $100 gift certificates to your favorite restaurant (to enjoy a meal out with a group of friends) or, if you are the hidden winner and notify the office, you will receive a $40.00 check to cover the cost of your membership. Thanks, Friends! HIDDEN WINNER: Ed Kuc, Long Beach, IN 46360

COVID-19 put a stop to so many of our plans and almost overnight sent us to our homes with no social life, some with no work, and at times with no hope. However, God will always take a bad situation and make good from it.

When I was looking for inspiration for this article, I found a wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss that stopped me in my tracks. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” Ten years from now, I believe we will all sit back and have aspects of the shutdown and pandemic that changed the way we live, and upon reflection, we will see the value behind the lessons.

For me, I see a value in slowing down. I am a go, go, go kind of person. I am always running, answering that email and text message, and returning that phone call. I take pride in my availability to Villager families, staff, and donors. However, things changed with COVID-19. The office was quiet as I was the only one in. I had time to sit in my office, reflect, and be alone with my thoughts.

Also, I was given the opportunity to serve the community of Sharing Meadows a different way. Instead of leading fundraisers, managing day to day operations, and putting out fires, I was able to order food for the Villager homes and connect more with Stewards. I was able to step away from my desk and spend time mowing our 185 acres of land. I am grateful for that opportunity. I learned so much and I have begun to appreciate even more the volunteers, staff, and friends I have here at Sharing Meadows.

On a personal level, I spent more time with my wife, Jessica. Our busy lifestyle slowed down a bit on the weekends. We cooked together, we worked on our yard together, and we had at home date nights together. I cherish the weekly, sometimes nightly, drives around our home in Valparaiso and the long walks we would take around the old fair grounds. Those moments were brought out because of the pandemic and they are memories that we will cherish forever. Now, because of the pandemic, I guarantee we will continue to do those activities together even more as we have learned how valuable they are.

Looking to 2021, I am filled with great hope. We will continue pushing through this pandemic together and our Villagers will continue to thrive in the community we have built together for them. While I am unsure what 2021 holds for us, I know in my heart that one day we will look back on these moments together and truly value the good that we have in our life.

A Prayer to Combat the Coronavirus

Most Merciful and Triune God,
We come to You in our weakness.
We come to You in our fear.
We come to You with trust.
For You alone are our hope.
We place before You the disease present in
our world.
We turn to You in our time of need.
Bring wisdom to doctors.
Give understanding to scientists.
Endow caregivers with compassion and
Bring healing to those who are ill.
Protect those who are most at risk.
Give comfort to those who have lost a
loved one.
Welcome those who have died into Your
Eternal Home.
Stabilize our communities.
Unite us in our compassion.
Remove all fear from our hearts.
Fill us with confidence in Your care.
(mention your particular concerns and
prayers now)
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, I trust in You.

Living Memorials

In honor of Sheryl and David Asche on their wedding. God’s blessings and with much love, int. Mike & Emogene and Michael

Wishing my oleʹ fishing buddy, Keith Attar, a Happy Birthday, int. Uncle Billy

In honor of our friends Tim Balucki and Mary McKenna, int. Robert &Kathleen Lauer

For special intentions, int. Arlene Beglin God’s blessings for the Burns & Nief Families, int. Jackie Pasko

Frank & Mary Horvath. Wishing you a happy & safe Christmas and New Year! We love you and miss you! int. Ken & Ann Dow and Emily, Bradley & Myles

In honor of Ellen Huseman, int. Brian Huseman

Christina Jones & Children praying for God’s strength for you to carry on. int. Papa & G.Ma (Don & Mary Frame)

To my dear Mother: Shirley Ladendorf. Thank you Mom for all the hours you gave the Share Foundation & the love you shared with all of those who volunteered. Your example of selflessness is embroidered in the passages of St. Luke 12:48 “To whom much is given, much will be required” God bless you Mom. int. Love, Mark

In honor of Mr. Anthony Lach, Jr. int. Brian Booth and Amanda Burrell

Looking back, starting a New Year—-”How do I love thee, let me count the ways”

“The way” we say I love you, just because: a light touch in passing: a little kiss now and then: this just a day in the life of Mike and Sharon Mannion, living their “way”

“The way” our son, Tim, and our daughter, Chrisanne, have grown to caring, giving, loving examples of God’s precious creations. Never being afraid or worry knowing they’re watching over us. How blest are we! God knew “the way”

“The way” our little angel, Michele, in heaven comes to our aid when we call.

“The way” we welcome the year living each day as if the start of a new year, we will count our “ways” from the past and thank god for his merciful blessings.

And “by the way”, a happy, joyful, healthy new year to our beautiful Sharing Meadows family. God bless you all! int. Mike and Sharon Mannion

May God send blessings on the Scott McCord family, int. Al Eggers

To my Cherished Friend JO ANN NOCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 1/18/21, Irene Oboy

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for giving me 90 years of life (Jan. 2nd) to enjoy my loving children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am truly blessed! And they are the Best! int. Mary Helen Payonk

God’s blessings for a swift recovery and good health for a blessed New Year to Rose Plesha, int.Freddie

All the family of Rolling Prairie Share Foundation to be remembered during this Christmas Season, int. Dianne Pittman

Wishing good tidings and God’s blessings for Christmas and this holiday season to my father, Robert Potrzebowski, int. Julie & Steve Goen

Happy birthday and Healthy Year! Freddie “Fred Simms”, int. Tess & Susan

Wishing my mother Dorothy Smitley, a Merry Christmas, int. Kathleen A. Smitley

In honor of St. Jude and prayers for return to good Health, Faith, Hope, and Peace, int. J. A. Powers
To honor St. Rita, int. S. Tomaszewski

May God bless Howard Struble with peace and comfort and touch him with His healing power to bring him back to good health, int. Kathleen Kelly

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Sylvia Timkovich on her 90th. God Bless you. int. Love, Ann & Jim Miskovich

In Thanksgiving for blessings received for the Turner and Bush Families, int. Don & Pat Turner

In appreciation for healing hugs from Keith Van Sickle, int. Florence B. Strong

Happy Birthday to my dear friend John Vetroczky, may God bless you always, int. Rose Gacsko

Eileen Weisenbach, you’re in our thoughts & prayers, get well, stay well, int. Tony & Lorry

Deceased Memorials

In loving memory of Craig Adelsperger. We miss you. int. Donna, Alysse & Caren

In loving memory of my grandmother Virginia Andrews, int. Heather Chamberland

In loving memory of Bob Armstrong. I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will. int. Love, Cass

In memory of a ceramic friend Cathy Arroyo, int. Donna Grzych

In loving memory of our dear Husband, Father, and Grandfather John Balazs on his 82nd birthday in Heaven on Jan. 18. We love you and miss you every day. int. Love, Marge, Dawn & Natalie

In memory of Lee & Jack Balousek Sr., int. Jack & Kathi Balousek

In memory of our mother Helen Bazin on her December 10th birthday, int. Sharon Benjamin and Jo Ellen Carabin

In memory of the deceased members of the Beckham & George families, int. Regina Holden

In memory of Donald & Vivianne Cooper Bildhauser family, int. Fred & Theresa Bildhauser & family

In memory of Kate Bishop, int. Betty McCullough

In memory of Ray Blazek, int. Eleanore & Rich Rycerz

In memory of Pat & Chuck Bola, int. James Fitzpatrick

In memory of Denise Maicher Bowen. Rest in peace! int. Marie Vrlik

In memory of Denise Maicher Bowen, int. Jill & Rich Pykosz

Remembering Joseph W. Brach, you spent Christmas with Jesus and now this New Year too! Prayers and love are sent your way, int. Devoted wife Virginia; Walter & Susan

In memory of Joseph Brach who passed away 11/24/2020. Our deepest sympathy to his wife Virg., int. Love Cousins Bernice Herbach and Elyse Goff

In memory of a special neighbor Joseph Brach, int. Flo Pietrzak

In memory of Joseph Brach, int. Helen Hughes Florence Zuvich

In memory of James Bradach. Rest in the Peace of our Lord, January 31, 2013, int. Jeff, Scott, Elaine and Family

In memory of James J. Bradach, int. David J. Bradach

Remembering my wonderful husbands, Ted Buchler and Earl Margraf with all my love int. Mary Ann

In loving memory of my Beloved Wife Janette Bundy, int. Ed Bundy

In memory of Paul Burns. Rest in peace dear friend. int. Don & Pat Broderick

In memory of Paul R. Burns, int. Mary A. Balestra Pat Batchelder Bob & Virginia Gauger Peg Kiernan Joe & Nancy O’Drobinak

In thanksgiving for two generous souls. Remembering Dick & Eileen (Daly) Burns with love, int. Kathleen (Daly) York

Thinking of all of you in the New Year, my beloved Bob, my dearest nephew David, and my loving parents Steve & Katherine. I love you and miss you so much. May God bless you while you rest in peace. int. Angie Cirrincione

With cherished memories of our dear and loving parents Carl & Stephanie Coda celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year, and also celebrating what would have been their 87th Anniversary. We miss you, and you’re always in our hearts. int. Love,Gil & Bernadine Cusson

In memory of Evan Crawley, int. Steve & Cathy Berg

In loving memory of Norbert and Agnes Csonka, we miss you! int. Dale, Jeff, Phyllis and James

In loving memory of Jane Curosh, int. Ken & Janice Speaks

In memory of Jane Curosh, int. Phil Muvich Carol Okeley family

With cherished memories of our dear and loving parents Al & Millie Cusson celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year. We miss you, and you’re always in our hearts. int. Love, Gil & Bernadine Cusson

With loving memories at Christmas of Gene Paul, Joseph, and Vincent Cusson, our three loving angels. int. Love, Gil & Bernadine Cusson

In memory of Irene & Stanley Czarnik, int. Marcia Jones
 72 years ago our parents, Loretta and Louis Czyzewski, married and started our family. We celebrate this day, miss them daily, and are forever grateful, int. Love, Paul, Carol, and Danita

In memory of George D. Danculovich, int. Jerry & Pamela Sutko

In memory of Dan and Margaret Daly and their departed family members. We love and miss you, Mom and Dad. We’re glad you missed 2020, int. John and Theresa Daly

In memory of Grandmother Catherine D’Andrbia on her date of death 1/21/2001. int. Therese (Kester) Zolvinski loving Granddaughter

In memory of Karl Deak. Rest in peace. int. Arlene Stiglitz

In loving memory of Bob Defenser on his 4th anniversary Jan. 19. int. Emmie & TerryAnn
In memory of Robert Defenser. Bob will be celebrating 5 years with our Lord on Jan. 21, 2021. He is busy making floral arrangements for New Arrivals. Miss you, int. Theresa Tucker & Family

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In memory of Marlene & Ray DeGeneffe, int. V. Michalik

In loving memory of Chet Demski, missing you always, but especially on your January 12th birthday. We will always love you, dad. int. Cass, Stacy, Jim

In loving memory of Ann DeVoy on her anniversary of Death 1/12/2008, int. Helen Samek

In memory of my loving wife Therese Domasica, int. Mike Domasica

In loving memory of my dear husband Edward M. Dosen, int. Gloria Dosen, wife

In memory of my uncle Jack Doyle. int. Nancy Russ

In memory of John “Jack” Doyle 11/25/2020, int. sister: Helen Doyle Wellman

In memory of John “Jack” Doyle, our Condolences, int. the SE Team at Cisco Systems

In memory of John “Jack” F. Doyle, int. John & Claudia Booker

Karen Campbell and Dody, Sue, & Jennifer
Melody & John Gallagher
Mike & Eileen Hogan
Dorothy Johnson
Betty Joseph
Cathy Kutcka
Joann Marcinek
Paul Merlitti
Joyce Phipps-Nutt
John O’Toole
John & Sue Peters
Barbara Smith
Carmen Solosom
Stan & Vickie Wrobel
Mike Zelcok
Fred & Gail Zimmerman

In memory of Phil Faroh Sr. int. Joe & Colleen Shikany
Joe & Joyce Shikany

In loving memory of my cousin Nancy Demkowicz Fernandez, int. Carole and Bobby Adjemian

In loving memory of Nancy Fernandez, always in our hearts, int. Tony & Lorry

In memory of Herb Fischer, int. Nate, Stacey, Oliver, Sam, Max, Jon, Ann & George

In loving memory of our sister Julie Ann Fish (Nov. 23, 2020). Jul’s, we can’t believe still that you no longer walk this earth with us! We know you are in our Father’s arms, and your spirit walks beside us daily. You are forever our baby sister, loved beyond measure and our missing treasure, never will you be forgotten you are always in our hearts and minds. int. with eternal love, sisters; Vickie, Marsha, Debbie & Connie

In loving memory of our aunt Julie Ann Fish. Remembering all the fun times we had. Love you and miss you forever, int. Kara, Tony “Troy”, Rayanna & Mylee Holley

In memory of Julie Fish. Praying for Vickie Gourley on the loss of her sister. May God give you comfort in cherished memories of good times together, and may Julie rest in peace! int. Kathleen Kelly

In memory of Julie Fish, int. sending Vickie hugs, prayers, & love, Donna Nicksic

In memory of my wife Judy Lee Frain, int. William F. Frain Jr.

Remembering our dear friend Bob Gacsko on his anniversary in heaven, int. John, Pauline & Jeff Vetrosky

In loving memory of Amy Gaddini. Rest in peace, sweet Amy, in the arms of Jesus as you are joined with your beloved mother, int. Kathleen Kelly

In memory of Amy Gaddini, int. Linda Moran

Joe & Donna Nicksic & family
Sandi & Mike Stoffregen

In memory of Rose Galovich, int. Shirley Daronatsy

In loving memory of Larry & Shawn and Mike. You are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. int. Del Gallagher

In loving memory of George. You will always be in my heart where you still live, forever missed & loved

In memory of Father Philip Gilbert, C.PP.S, int. Eileen Schweitzer

My dear Lenny Glowacki on January 18th, it’s your 86th birthday. Celebrate & have fun with your heavenly family. Miss you & love you forever. int. wife, Carole & your devoted family

In memory of Len Glowacki who represents my past Angels I neglected, int. Paul Heitmann

In memory of Frieda Granger, int. Liz Kiss

In memory of our Great Aunt Holly Grant, int. Love, Dwight, Michele, Evan, and Grant

Remembering our niece Constance Grimmer, int. Greg & Aggie Grimmer

In memory of my wife Phyllis M. Grott, son Paul K. Grott and Grandson Jacob B. Grott this Christmas 2020, int. Bernie Grott

In memory of Greg Hagenow, int. Rebecca Tomich

In memory of Eugene Hanyzewski. RIP 10/30/2020, int. Irene T. Oboy

In memory of Eugene Hanyzewski RIP 10/30/2020, int. Joyce M. Oboy

In memory of Roger Harmon Sr. int. Pam Harmon

In loving memory of Keith Harris. You will always be in my heart, int. Denise Nowfel

In memory of Keith Harris, int. Fred & Theresa Bildhauser & family
Mary Bowmar
Donna Nicksic

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In memory of Joseph Hein, Sr. int. Julie Rajsich

In memory of Herb Helpingstine, int.
Pretty Woman Hair Salon

In memory of my niece, Lisa Schlundt Henrich, who passed away 9/21/2020. May you rest in peace. int. Bob Schlundt

In loving memory of our cousin Tina Herrera. You left us memories to treasure and keep. May you rest in the peace of our Lord Jesus. int. Jerry & Margie Torres

In loving memory of Elinor Hinton, int. Ken & Janice Speaks

In memory of my mother and our grandmother, Wanda Holley who is now spending the holidays with the love of her life Tony Holley once again. I can’t believe that you have both gone to be with our Lord. You are both missed beyond measure, and our memories will always be
treasured. int. Love, Tony, Kara, Rayanna and Mylee

In memory of Monica Homco. int. Love always, Mom & Family

In memory of Patricia Homrich. Never thought we would be heading into 2021 without you. Miss you so much. Love you forever, int. Diane & Tim Adkins

In memory of Patricia Homrich on her first Christmas in heaven. Missing all the great times we shared during the holidays. Helps picturing you with Pops & Timmy hanging out. Merry
Christmas to you all, int. Love & miss you daily, Susie & David

In memory of Steve Hon on his 1st anniversary in Heaven, int. Michael & Barbara Glossinger

In memory of Al and Tom Horner, int. Mary Horner

In memory of Joseph & Dorothy Horst, int. Dick Horst

In loving memory of dear cousin, Cheri Hruskocy, your fighting spirit, smile, kindness and love for your family will always be remembered, int. Love, Ken & Janice Speaks

In loving memory of Augie Ignelzi, int. The Ignelzi Family

In memory of my parents James & Lucille Ikovic, int. Mary Anne Shaw

In memory of Matt Jakubczyk, int. Eleanore & Rich Rycerz

In memory of Eileen and Frank Janovsky. For every magical Christmas morning and for making dreams come true. Always in our hearts. int. Debbie & Peter

In Repose of His Soul Brian Jones who died 11/24/2020, cancer. Left wife Christina and 4 children; ages- 17, 13,10,8. God’s strength for them to carry on. He was ill a very short time. int. Don & Mary Frame Grandparents

In memory of Stanley & Anna Marciniak Janowski family. Missing you always, int. Fred & Theresa Bildhauser & family

In loving memory of my wife Anita L. Jordan, int. Larry Jordan III

In memory of John Jurkash. Happy birthday Dad!! int. Stephanie & Rich Goetz

In memory of John & Frances Kantor, int. Carol Sirbek

In loving memory of a dear friend, Harry Karahalois, int. Ken & Janice Speaks

In loving memory of my grade school friend Loretta J. Kavanaugh. Sincere sympathy and God’s blessings to Loretta’s family. int. Beverly A. Perko

In memory of Loretta Kavanaugh, int. Dolly Tuskan

In remembrance of our sister, Mary Kelly, int. Kelly Kids Klub

In memory of our parents, William & Harriet Kelly, together again in God’s
loving care, int. Kelly Kids Klub

In memory of Mary Doolin Kennedy, int. Ruth Kerger

In memory of Ellen & William Kermin, int. Patricia Kermin

In memory of my nephew Bill Kester for his birthday, int. Therese (Kester) Zolvinski, loving Aunt

In memory of my mother Doris Kester for her date of death 12/26/09. Int. Therese (Kester) Zolvinski, loving daughter

In memory of my brother John Kester for his birthday, int. Therese (Kester) Zolvinski, loving sister

In memory of Mathew Kowalski, int. Donna Grzych

On her 20th anniversary in heaven in loving memory of our Mom Edna Kozlowski, int. Ray and Anita

In loving memory of our dad Edwin Kozlowski, int. Ray and Anita

Remembering my beloved husband John and loving sister, Edna Kozlowski.
January 2000 was a heart breaking month for us all, int. Loretta Kujawa

In memory of Barbara L. Kreuger, int. Maryann Markovich and Rosemary Markovich

In memory of Judi Kuc, int. Dianne & Jeff Debald
Dolores & Randy Waaso
Julie & John Weaner
Aunt Angie Zdyb
David & Melissa Zdyb
Michael & Jean Zdyb

In memory of Carl Kurcinka. This was our 3rd Christmas without you. We love and miss you very much, int. Mom & Dad (Ray & Karen Curcinka)

In memory of John Kuric. int. Love always, Marge & Family

In memory of James John Lafakis, int. Jerry & Pamela Sutko

In loving memory of my wife Carol Muldoon Lambros, the sunshine of my life, int. husband Bill

In loving memory of my most beautiful Grand Daughter Molley Renee Lanham, int. Grandmother Leilani Suchanuk

In memory of our dear friend Suzan Lapeer, int. M. & J. Moskalick

Remembering Richard Latta Whiting, IN, Plainfield, IL, gone too soon, int.
Jerry Sutko

In loving memory of our sister Peggy Lauer on the 3rd anniversary of her arrival in heaven, int. Kelly Kids Klub

In loving memory of Bill & Charlene LaVelle, int. Dave & Pam Walker

In memory of Mike & Margaret Lazor,
int. Lucy Lazor & Jim Sikora

In memory of Joseph Lebryk, int. Mary A. Balestra
Robert & Evelyn Bevis
Catherine E. Wilkinson

In memory of Richard Lenart, int. Virginia Lenart

In memory of Ralph & Marge Lies, int. Sue & John Angelos

In memory of Mary Lombard, int. Pam & Tim Mallon

In memory of Bob Lund, int. Eleanore & Rich Rycerz

In memory of Janet Murphy MacCormack, int. Mary & Mark McLaughlin

In memory of John D. Mahony, int. Susan Matthews

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In loving memory of Denise Maicher, may she rest in peace. int. Millie
Blandford & family

Melanie Mailander a precious gift from God, a loving heart, a smile missed, deeply loved, never ever forgotten, int.
Aunt Denise

In memory of our dear friend Robert J. Mantel, int. Linda & Donald Seberger

In remembrance of Bob Mantel, int. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (CRSO)

In memory of Robert “Bob” J. Mantel,
int. Clara & David Frailey
Eileen Harring
Karen Kelly
Marjorie Loehrke
James & Judy Nebergall
Charles & Vickie Schimpf
Troy & Angela Tomson
Lud & Carol Yards

In memory of Shirley Ann Marks, int. Reed & Holly Marks

In memory of Phyllis J. Mason, int. Richard & Patricia Allen

In memory of Steve Mattes, int. Eleanore & Rich Rycerz

In loving memorial of my sister, Lucy Matulis on Her 18th year in heaven
1/20/2009. Love and miss you, int. Mary A. Balestra

In loving memory of my wife Janet Mayersky for 1 year (1/2/2020). I miss you every day, love you, int. Don, husband

Lovingly remembering my beloved wife Phyllis McCampbell, int. Ralph J.

In memory of Sylvia McClelland, int. John & Pauline Vetroczky

In memory of Stephen McDonald, int. Tom & Joanne McDonald

In memory of my husband, John McShane on his anniversary January 22. RIP, int. Mornette McShane

In memory of Fr. James Meade, int. Mr. & Mrs. James Pappas Ladies League of St. Patrick

In loving memory of my cousin, Jim Meierotto. I will miss your beautiful smile, your sense of humor, your loving nature, your phone calls and the lunches we had together. Most of all, I will miss you and love you
always, int. Kathleen Kelly

In memory of Jim Meierotto, int. Joe & Donna Nicksic

In memory of Greg Melyon, coworker and friend. Rest in heavenly peace. int. Jerry and Margie Torres

In loving memory of Donald L. Meyer, int. William & Dorothy O’Brien

In memory of my sister Melanie Michalak, int. Jim Sikora & Lucy Lazor

In loving memory of Dick Molle, int. Ken & Janice Speaks

In memory of Karen Moskalik, wife, mother and grandmother.
Remembering your willingness to give
of yourself. int. Jerry and Margie Torres

In loving memory of Tom Mrozinski on his birthday January 17th and his 3rd
year in heaven January 18th. int. Mom

In memory of Anthony “Tony” Mrvan, Beverly & Michelle Roak

In memory of Anthony “Tony” Mrvan, int. Lori & Arlene Wohadlo

In memory of Anthony “Tony” Mrvan, int. John Wohadlo & Sandy Duda

In memory of Bill & Geri Murakowski, int. Dave & Courtenay Murakowski

In memory of Terrence Murphy, int. Brian Murphy

In memory of Maureen Mycka, int. Linda Moran
Joe & Donna Nicksic & family
Michael & Sandi Stoffregen

In memory of James Nagy, int. Fran Kovacik

In loving memory of all members of the Nastav and Mordus Families, int.
Jerry Sutko & Daughters

In memory of George, Angeline and Kathrin Nastav of Whiting this Holiday season, int. Jerry Sutko & Daughters

In loving memory of Doris Neulieb, int. Sue Tomaszewski

In loving memory of my dad, Eugene H. Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

In loving memory of my sister, Kathy Lynn Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

Always thinking of my beloved husband Ted Nowesnick especially on his birthday January 13. Loving & missing you always. int. Helen

In memory of Elaine Oakley, int. Robert & Evelyn Bevis Greg & Aggie Grimmer
JR & Donna Grzych
William & Joan Malatestinic

Remembering my husband, Stan on 1/24/21. Wish you were here to celebrate our 73rd wedding anniversary. Thanks for all your
caring and love. Love, Irene

In memory of Tim Olvaney, you are so missed, int. Roberta Rice

In memory of Ronald Ostrowski, int. Mr. & Mrs. Phil Dombrowski

In memory of my husband Terry Pagels. It will be our 2 nd Christmas without you here. I miss you so and of course our whole family does also. All our holidays we spent together “such memories”. int. Love you always your wife Joyce

In memory of my brother & his wife Robert J. Paratore (5/24/2010) and Sharon J. Paratore (4/23/2017). Again
the holiday seasons aren’t as joyful since you both aren’t around. I miss and love you both, int. Leo J. Paratore

In loving memory of my mom Rose A. Paratore (11/29/2019) and dad Sebastian Paratore (7/9/2007). You both will again be missed during this holiday season. The memories we had helps me get through without you both. I love and miss you and think of you both always. int. son Leo J. Paratore

In memory of Mary Parker, int. Linda Moran Sandi & Mike Stoffregen

In memory of Frank Parkerson, int.
Pam & Tim Mallon

In loving memory of my husband Norb and son Ronnie Pasko, int. Jackie Pasko

Loving memories for the Pasko, Clark, Shanta, & Underwood Families
at Christmas, int. Jackie Pasko

In loving memory of our Mom & Dad Josephine & Steve Pasztor, int. Ray and Anita

In memory of Josephine & Steve Pasztor, int. James A. Sikora/ Lucy Lazor

In loving memory of Dan Paucak, your smile, kindness and upbeat spirit will be forever missed, int. Ken
& Janice Speaks

In loving memory of Louis & Theresa Paunicka, int. Dolores J. Callahan

In respectful memory of Dallas Gene Pavey, int. Dan & Barbara Halle

In memory of Dallas E. “Gene” Pavey, int. Louis & Karen Biernacki

In memory of Patricia Pruzin, int. John S. Pruzin and Sons

In loving memory of my husband Dan Pyne, int. Maureen Pyne

In memory of Frank & Helen Pishkur, int. Frank Pishkur

In memory of Jim Quartuccio, int. Judy Bush
Betty McCullough
Sharon Wojciachowski

Deceased Memorials (Cont.)

In memory of Jim Rajsich, int. Julie Rajsich

In memory of Lillian Ramion, int. Glenn & Kathy Lubeznik

In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Ramker, int. Jeffrey S. Kristoff

In memory of Gerald Repka, int. Susan & Ernest Sampias

In memory of Jeremy Reed, your family misses you. int. Roberta Rice

Beginning the New Year without our beloved David Rozmanich and Bob
Cirrincione. We ask our Lord to give them peace and eternal rest. We love you & miss you, int. Rozmanich Family

In memory of Gil & Jo Rudy—Mom & Dad, thinking of you both always but especially now during the holidays. They will never be the same without you both. We miss you every day. int. Love, Ray, Cheryl & LouAnn

In memory of my dear Aunt Gloria Rudzinski, int. Susan Ladendorf and Roy Jenkins

In memory of Louis Ryba, int. Dorothy Wroblewski

In memory of three friends Charlene, Melanie and Steve, int. Debbie Sabau

In memory of Manuel Sanchez, int. Mary & Mark McLaughlin

In loving memory of Glico Savich, int. Ken & Janice Speaks

In memory of Ron Scheive, int. Flo Pietrzak

In memory of Richard Schlotman. May he rest in peace. Sincere sympathy to Diana on the loss of her
husband, int. love, Jim & Ann Miskovich

In loving memory of my wife, Nancy Schlundt. Happy Holidays! Love and miss you dearly. int. your husband Bob Schlundt

In memory of Assad Shikany, int. Joe & Joyce Shikany

In loving memory of our wonderful parents, Richard and Mary Shipley, as they celebrate their January birthdays together in heaven. Happy birthday, Dad and Mom. We love and miss you very much, int. Love, Judy, Michaelee, Rick, and families

In loving memory of Aunt Mary and Uncle Chester Sikora, int. Ray and Anita

In memory of my parents Chester Sikora Sr. & Mary Sikora, Mom & Dad
and brothers, Martin & Sylvester, int. James Sikora & Lucy Lazor

In memory of Richard Simaga. Int. wife Mrs. Char Simaga

In loving memory of my mother Anne Simms
on her 100th birthday, int. Love, Freddie

In memory of my father John D. Sipkosky on his birthday December 9, 1928. int. with love, Carol Ann Walsh

In memory of our dearest mother Wanda Smith, int. Olan & Rose Smith
and Family

In memory of Wanda L. Smith, int. MaryAnn Markovich Rose Mary Markovich

In loving memory of my Dad, Dr. Roger Smitley, int. Kathleen A. Smitley

In memory of Peter & Alberta Spoljoric this Holiday Season, int. Larry Spoljoric & Gayle Rewers

In memory of Margaret Sposato, int. Ruth A. Smith

In memory of deceased members of the Spradlin family, int. Don Spradlin

In loving memory of Martha & Harvey Spiegel. We miss you mom & dad. int. Love, Cindy & Tony

In loving memory of Marilyn and Tom Starr, int. Starr Girls and families

In memory of John & Mary Stiglitz. Merry Christmas (Grandpa & Grandma), int. Arlene Stiglitz

Merry Christmas Mom!! Rita Strakowski, we miss you so very much!! Love you forever!! int. John & Mary

In memory of Janet Carol Struble, int. Mr. & Mrs. William Franz

In loving memory of Carol Struble, a gentle woman who loved unconditionally and always had a helping hand for others. Rest in peace,
my friend. You will be remembered always! int. Kathleen Kelly

In memory of Carol Struble, int. Noreen Kamminga

In memory of Darren Surowiak, int. Robert & Evelyn Bevis

In loving memory of Harry & Mary Szafranski, int. Dolores Paunicka Callahan

In loving memory of my husband, Greg Szyndrowski, int. Vivian

In loving memory of Jim Thorstad, Sr. a kind and gentle man whose dedication to serving others and unwavering faith was an inspiration to all. Rest in peace, treasured friend,
int. Kathleen Kelly

In memory of Jim & Barb Thorstad, int. Linda K. Fant

In memory of Jim Thorstad. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. You have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. int. Kim Parks

In memory of Jim Thorstad, Sr., int. The garage gang

In memory of James “Jim” Thorstad, Sr. int. Roger & Nancy Bixler
Tom & Kathy Calvin
Joyce & John Cowger
Bob Cunningham
Nicole & Jim Faroh
David & Arianne Gasser
Jerome & Lisa Hughes
Dan & Kate Kaminski
Robert & Kathleen Lauer
Joe & Donna Nicksic & family
Kimberly Parks
Warren & Sandra Ransom
William & Elizabeth Sigler
Howard & the late Carol Struble
Matthew & Kenlynn Swenson
Renee & Paul Wadas
Daniel & Alice Willett
Diane & Robert Woolever
Dan & Diane Zielinski

In loving memory of Ken
Tomaszewski, int. Rich, Sue, Matt, Beth and Families

In loving memory of Ethel and George Tomaszewski, int. Rich, Sue, and Families

In memory of Heather & Nicole who passed this year and for all our loved ones lost. int. Jerry & Gaylene Tomenko

In memory of my godfather and good friend Felix Torres. Memories of you will warm our home on even the coldest
night. int. Jerry and Margie Torres

In memory of Unger & Snyder families, int. Judy Snyder

In memory of Robert Vidimos II, int. Michael & Sandi Stoffregen

In memory of Rogelio (Roy) Villalobas, int. Jean & Ron Bados

Merry Christmas mom & dad Joseph & Mary Wadas and Happy birthday mom Dec. 24, int. Arlene Stiglitz

In loving memory of Arthur & Virginia Weiler, int. daughter, Sharon Weiler

In memory of Mary & Gene Whybrew, int. Mary Scheidt & family

In memory of Mary (Vessley) Whybrew, our dear aunt, int. Eric & Kay Rossok

In memory of Genevieve Wojdyla on her 1st anniversary of death. Forever the heart of our family, int. Rosemary,
Ron & Rich Wojdyla

In memory of Earl R. Yoho, Jr. int. Greg & Aggie Grimmer

Happy New Year Richard Zak. 4th New Year Day without you. We love & miss you so much! Think of you always int. Jean, Rich Jr., Mike, Larry, Tim & Families

In memory of Jerry Zajac, int. Eleanore & Rich Rycerz

In memory of Pam Zemrowski, int.
Dianne & Jeff Debald
Dolores & Randy Waaso
Julie & John Weaner
Aunt Angie Zdyb
David & Melissa Zdyb
Michael & Jean Zdyb

In loving memory of my mom and dad, Lois & Al Ziemkowski, int. Mary Jo

In memory of Joseph & Irene M. Zimmer, int. Ira Zimmer

In memory of Emil, Rose, and James Zych, int. Karen Kramer

Memorials are a special way to honor the memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion for ourselves, our family, or our friends. We are grateful for all memorial donations, large and small, that we receive. We would like to remind you that our policy is that thank you letters and acknowledgment cards are not sent for any memorials received that are less than $10.00 per name. They will be printed in the GOOD NEWS but no cards or letters will be sent. Due to the increasing cost of paper, postage and time to send cards and letters, it is not good stewardship to spend the donations you have entrusted to us to fill mailboxes with mail.

Memorial donations of $10.00 or more per name will continue to be handled with a thank you letter acknowledgment to family and listing in the newsletter. If you do not require a thank you letter, please mark the envelope so that we can code your account and we can save the cost of a letter and use the funds for our programs for other-abled people. Thank you for your understanding!

Thomas Murrihy Chicago, IL 60609

Fr. Leopold Glueckert, O.Carm Chicago, IL 60637

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dominski Chesterton, IN 46304

Winners receive a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
Our friends are the best in the world! CONGRATULATIONS!


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